Take the Better Than Yesterday Challenge

— Written By Ann Simmons and last updated by

If you want to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables and have not quite figured out how to do it, there is an event you won’t want to miss. March is Nutrition Month, and Catawba County Library, N.C. Cooperative Extension and Catawba Valley Medical Center are working together to challenge residents to increase their intake of healthy foods. Take the “Better than Yesterday” Challenge! You may compete as an individual, or pull together a team of supporters! All you have to do is track the fruits and vegetables you eat during March, and you could win great prizes!

Decide if you want to compete as an individual, a team (up to 6 people) or as a group (up to 30 people). Submit your signup form to any Catawba County Library branch, then track the servings of fruits and vegetables you eat on a log sheet during the month of March. You will can sign up to receive nutrition information during March and you will have the opportunity to compete for some prizes that will help you continue your healthy eating habits. Access challenge information and forms online.