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About Our Family and Consumer Sciences Programs

About Our Family and Consumer Sciences Programs

Program Vision: All Catawba County residents will have access to user-friendly, research-based knowledge that when applied will improve health and well-being.

Program Goal: The goal of the Family and Consumer Sciences program is to educate the public about the importance of making healthy choices to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and to promote safe food handling practices to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Educational Opportunities: FCS educational opportunities for Catawba County residents include classes and educational experiences in the areas of nutrition and wellness, food safety, and food preparation. Additionally, the Agent provides education, technical assistance and training for food service employees, farmers market vendors and food entrepreneurs to help them provide safe and healthy food for consumers.

For more information about programs contact:

We are in the process of filling this position but we do have agents that can assist you. Please call our office: 828-465-8240