Industrial Hemp Production – Pest Management

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Industrial Hemp was recently legalized with the passage of the Farm Bill in Dec, 2018. Because it is such a ‘new’ crop there are very few registered pesticides for use in industrial hemp. Take a look at this article for more details on current pesticide availability for industrial hemp production. The only 25b pesticides that are labeled for industrial hemp production are Aleo (fungicide) and Ecotec Plus (insecticide). Aleo is a fungicide with the active ingredient garlic oil. Ecotec Plus is an insecticide with the active ingredients: geraniol and rosemary oil.

With so few pesticide options, growers should consider utilizing as many cultural pest control tactics as possible.

Cultural control of aphids (Clemson)

Biological control of spider mites (University of Maryland)

Integrated pest management of powdery mildew (UConn)

This Colorado State Power Point slide set is a good summary of insect pests that may cause problems. Keep in mind that allowed pesticides mentioned are specific to Colorado.